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Some things done for this page:

  1. A teeny weeny browse around the module area.
  2. Karol Jedynak  can be e-mailed,
  3. who created a Home Page called index.html and put it in sub-directory public_html, of his home directory - suitably adjusting the protections -, on the University's World Wide Web Server.
  4. put an e-mail link to himself in his module page.
  5. There is Cross-linking from the top to the bottom of the same page, and across to other pages on the same Web site; as well as External hyperlinks to the CMS school, as well as to the University itself.
  6. Backgrounds, Buttons, Email, Thumbnails; Images, the use of gif's created to be interlaced to reduce download time, transparent backgrounds for rotated scanned passport photos of the author; animated GIF's; Page Counter, Tables, Frames are all present; not withstanding originality, good design and style, bizare wit, and an attempt to sell a house for over 210,000.
  7. This is all built upon a sound logical directory structure.
  8. A Form,
  9. CASCADING STYLE SHEETS - both of embedded and external types-,
  10. and a touch of JavaScript in a wonderful brew taking us beyond HTML.
  11. YES HTML was an experiment: it took us beyond to the STRATOSPHERIC realms of DHTML !
    by the maestro Web Wizard
    Karol Jedynak.